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  1. Try changing to min graphics and see if it still does it
  2. This is going to be a all in one boss guide. Going to update the list as I continue to complete my log by log series. *Click the eye under each boss for the extra information* Barrows Godwars 1 Bandos - WIP Godwars 1 Armadyl - WIP Godwars 1 Saradomin - WIP Godwars 1 Zamorak - WIP Araxxor - WIP Chaos Elemental - WIP Daggannoth Kings: Rex - WIP Daggannoth Kings: Prime - WIP Daggannoth Kings: Supreme - WIP Kalphite King - WIP Nex - WIP Will add more as I get there myself on my log by
  3. Guide Book for all those helpful forums posts. *Click the eyeball to see all the guides for the category and click text to see the guide in full detail* Bossing related Combat related Skilling and Activities related Money Related Customs and Rares Related Gameplay Related Donation Related Let me know if you want to see more on the list
  4. Turn off shadows and retry.
  5. Ataraxia FAQ These have all been asked in-game and put on this thread with answers. Picked ones that get asked the most Q) Where can I get the God Book? A) Teleport to Desert Strykewyrms (;;sp → Slayer tab → Level 51-80 and is 7th option from the bottom) Run directly east into the Citharede Abbey to the bookcase and book making table which is the south western part of the building. Click on the bookcase closest to the door and buy the corresponding book you want for 5m coins. Use 1 of each god page to make the god book and use more pages to charge the book. Q)

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