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  1. I love the idea of Lms! now some issues with it: 1. Cant access the shop! maybe make a lms shop at home alone side party pete and diago. 2. all round rewards for participation and kills now something i believe should be added is for every kill it refreshes your inventory with food and pots ect and multi turned off so its all skill based not luck or hiding ect. 3. one issue i found is when switching weapons you must have the stat to re-equip it maybe auto maxing all stats needed for preset would help alot. (dung for rapier was my issue)
  2. i was hoping opi would say that then i could make a star wars joke :L Rip thankyou tho gary :3
  3. Not the best i started as a novice got 99 thiev att and str and defence then changed to expert and have 8 99s (all base combat stats), 92 summoning ,92 slayer and just some all round stats ive just started maxing my account :) and am at around 7b bank now :3
  4. 1: What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? The versatility of skilling how one skill helps achieve possible levels in another, for example the thiev stalls give out gems ect for crafting helps alot but most players dont actually notice. 2: What is one thing that Ataraxia can improve on?  Staff. Honestly some staff are great there is one person in particular that i dont think should be staff due to his methods for fixing situations he swears doesnt listen or pay any attention to the situation. i think he should be demoted and im sure there are many people who agre
  5. ? Why thankyou i feel like cancer tbh but 6b bank well worth it
  6. This is more sad than an achievement but im at 133 hours in about 1 week
  7. Gday all im Drakei or futher known as Riley. Im an 18 year old Professional chef and have been playing Runescape and Rsps for around 11 years (since 07). Dont be afraid to say Gday :)
  8. Hey all hows it going :)

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