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  1. Allow is very active, and constantly answers questions in help chat. I'm glad we have a well sorted staff team.
  2. Though I'm not thrilled about some of this, it's nice to see a lot of effort put towards the server, especially in terms of helping the economy and bug fixes.
  3. Not sure if this has been resolved, but I attached the current client to this comment. Hope this helps! Ataraxia_Live_Patch_43.jar
  4. E36

    What's up?!

    Welcome to Ataraxia! Don't hesitate to PM me with any questions!
  5. Way to go Spooder! Congrats man! @Arachnid
  6. E36

    Ataraxia MOSH PIT

    This is beautiful lmao
  7. Congrats bois! Welcome to the team! ❤️
  8. Great update as usual! Love the new Drop Catcher feature!
  9. Lots of changes! Thanks for keeping everyone updated @Hot Milo!
  10. This is so awesome to see! Great work on the layout! Sorry if I end up stealing it ❤️
  11. Hello! Welcome to the server! Feel free to PM me in-game with any questions! :)
  12. E36


    Welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy your stay! ❤️
  13. Usually it's a very quick turnaround, less than 30 minutes, however it's a very slow part of the night for our staff team and the owner is offline on Discord. I can't give a specific time frame unfortunately, I can only say as soon as someone is reached that can perform a restart it will be immediately resolved. I appreciate your patience.
  14. Very unfortunate that you logged into a bad situation. We're working to get it fixed as soon as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience. I promise you Ataraxia is worth the wait! Welcome ❤️

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