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  1. 1-99 Divination Guide! Useful rewards: Signs of Porter(6/28/48/68/88/99) Divine Locations Unlocking Invention(80) Portents Useful Items: Diviner's Outfit(1000 loyalty points/piece or $5.00 from ;;store) Elder Divination outfit(Requires 80 Divination and 20 Invention) Divine-o-matic Vacuum(101 Invention) Divination Urns(3/16/38/56/82 Crafting) Urn Enhancer(24 Invention) Boons(10/20/30/70/50/60/70/75/80/85/90/95) Skillchompas(31/41/51/61/71) Summoning Familiars: Nightmare Muspah(81 Summoning)

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