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  1. In-Game Name: ImodzAge: 20 Timezone: ESTWhy do you want to be Support?: nobody else wants to do itWhat experience do you have?: i've been playing servers and have taken part in being staff/owning many in the past 10 yearsWhy should we pick you instead of someone else?: i will not be hurt if someone else were to be pickedHow much free time do you have?: if i'm not in my garden then i'm at my computer so most of the time i will be onOther notes:
  2. Owner Jaedmo How has this Staff Member performed this month?: there isn't really much to be said about the guy who owns these pixels, i like the server though so keep it up ? How can they improve?: a person who's always steps ahead cannot be told how to improve because they already know Any other notes?: Rating out of 10: 10/10 Administrator Uzi How has this Staff Member performed this month?: from the little bit of time i have been on this server, uzi has been the person i've talked

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