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  1. we must outplay them. Down vote staff for their negative answers juannnnnnn
  2. Theyve turned their backs on us... 1
  3. juan two tre fo mr bolin that siggy makes me rawr
  4. It'd be difficult to buff these mid-high end bosses to satisfy players. Normal mode > buy max gear > go bossing > of course it gets burnt out Ironman mode > gets t60 to get t70, t70 to get t80, t80 to get t85, t85 to get t90. These bosses are still difficult if your best in slot is only an attuned cbow / void. Chaotic longsword / tetsu. A majorty of pvmers don't even grind these top tier bosses for very long. As you'll notice the drops coming in-game. They're usually afking no food bosses for thousands of kills as opposed to the few who have 250+ nex/250+kk/et
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