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  1. Much love to the staff team, past and present. WE APPRECIATE YOU ALL. ❤️ ?
  2. I suppose it's technically an item, yet technically not at the same time, but the remaining skilling pets for combat skills being added would bring me GREAT JOY.
  3. Hope you enjoy your time here with everyone! ?
  4. Hey, that's pretty neat. Cheers!
  5. Long live these supports! They are all good eggs. ?
  6. I'll be sure to try and save the date for this, don't want to miss it again. ?
  7. I think this idea is good but there are a few problems that I can see. Firstly, assuming an in-game rank/icon will NOT be added, even if there is a forums rank added, when someone claims they have the respected rank in-game, some new players might immediately assume this is true, rather than going to the forums and searching to confirm that rank. Even if they did try to verify people's claims every time, it's a strange hassle to go through when people in the past and currently, simply ask in the friends chat if someone is BS'ing or not. What this boils down to is that an in-game rank would li
  8. Good ol' boys; glad to see the promotions. Hope you guys have been enjoying the fun times in staff chat. Best chat by far.? send me the leaks

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