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  1. [+] General Changes - Buffed the amount of Evil dust received from Evil trees from 20-40 to 30-60 - Increased the stock of Melee equipment at Scavvo by 10x - Increased the stock of Ranged equipment at Scavvo by 10x - Increased the stock of Magic equipment at Scavvo by 10x - Nerfed the droprate of Hexhunter bow (veil guy spawn) from 1/2000 to 1/5000 (sorry @Unlucky) - In order to assist regular accounts in early-game training, the following items have been made unlimited on the Grand exchange: Grimy herbs up to Kwuarm, Secondaries up to White berries, Pickaxes up to Rune, Hatchet
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  2. Hola, Thanks for the detailed input and suggestions... I can confirm that a few of the points you have mentioned were addressed within the staff team especially the comments regarding the server feeling very much like ironman mode early game. To address this we have the intentions to increase more items/skilling supplies on instant buy on the grand exchange for example combat gear up to tier 60 and a maybe herbs up to say irit along with basic items like pickaxes/hatchets so people aren't forced to either make them themselves or rely on other players selling them. We're hoping that some
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  3. [+] General Changes - Reworked Bladed dive on NPCs and added the ability hit properly - Enabled the Stalker creatures slayer tasks - Games necklace now has all of it's teleports while equipped - Zarosian IV collection will now give the recurring reward of: 100 Kharid-et pylon batteries and 6,810 Chronotes for players on XP rates higher than 5x (this is to stop low exp rates farming staff pieces with ease) - Inquisitor staff and pieces are now tradeable [+] Small Death Changes - Items will no longer degrade on your first death - Implemented "Degrade percentage" w
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